"There’s a discovery process. Part of that discovery process is a formal question, what should a picture look like? Or what does a picture look like? What is interesting? Sometimes those take place—they don’t look like good pictures. They’re clumsy or they’re awkward or they’re wonderfully simple, and they detonate a little later. Their release time, their detonation isn’t necessarily so immediate. They work on you. Part of what I hope I’m doing as an artist is not only discovering things for myself, but for other people as well; that what we think of between that—if you go back to John Cage, between noise and music, between the banality and drama or theater, finding a frame for the mundane, for the ordinary, for the everyday—which is what my work is about, to a certain extent—is really exciting when it stays in that ambiguous place where it doesn’t look like art yet."


- LS